About the Firm

Since the establishment of Michael Fuller’s architecture practice in the Roaring Fork Valley over 25 years ago, the firm has operated as a small design studio that focused on residential and commercial projects noted for inspirational design, environmental awareness, and vernacular architectural styles – taking its design keys from regional architecture and the use of indigenous forms and materials.  At MF[a] we seek to create projects that connect to nature, culture, and history in a way that makes the relationship between structure and place more enlivening.  

Michael Fuller Architects is a full service architectural practice that has consistently produced quality projects with exceptional service and professionalism – from project inception through design, and final construction. Our firm’s work ranges from single-family residences, hotels, and educational, religious and commercial buildings. These projects celebrate the human affinity and desire for connection to the natural  world beyond simple functionality. Our projects reflect a variety of design characters and styles that we re-interpret into solutions that have an enduring quality beyond the ebb and flow of current design fashion. Our designs celebrate the expressive nature of materials.

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies. – Le Corbusier

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Michael B. Fuller, AIA, is the founder of Michael Fuller Architects located in Basalt, Colorado, and for more than 25 years has designed and built projects in the Roaring Fork Valley as well as other locations. Michael Fuller has been at the forefront of environmentally responsible design practices for over two decades and has applied sustainable principles to the design of diverse projects including hospitality, religious, private residences, libraries, and commercial buildings.

Michael combines a diverse background with a degree in economics from the University of the South and architecture at the University of Colorado that contributes to the ability to organize creative teams to develop sustainable and inspirational projects.  The design process begins with the study of the interaction of nature, architecture, landscape, building program, and culture. Design solutions are developed with a keen eye to proportion, scale and use of natural materials that invest the design with a sense of place. In this way the architecture reflects its larger context, and allows people to live and work in environments that stimulate a sense of well-being.  

Michael Fuller Architects has been recognized with awards for design excellence and numerous works have been featured in publications and television programs. Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Western Interiors and Design, Mountain Living, Aspen Magazine, Architectural Magazine, Forbes, Luxe Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, HGTV’s Homes Across American, and the Discovery Channel.  Michael has been named to Western Interiors “Gold List” and to Mountain Living’s “Best of the West”.  

Imagine a place where land, structure, light, finishes and all furnishings are seamlessly combined to create a place of renewal of the human spirit.